What is 505050?

The idea is to use a 50mm lens to take one shot a day for 50 consecutive days. The images posted will be unmodified ... well, I'll convert them from RAW into JPEG, but that's all. Some images may benefit for a bit of a twiddle and they will appear either on my flickr pages or my blog. Have fun looking over my attempts and please make comments and offer encouragement to complete the 50 day project.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Shot #25 ... Half way!

It's been raining and I was really quite taken with the puddles.  Well, that's a bit of a lie really.  I was taken with idea of taking photographs of the reflections in the puddles.  Unfortunately, the sun has come out and evaporated most of the puddles and then there wasn't a particularly good subject reflected in what was left of the puddles.  Oh well, I still have a few more days left with the 50mm lens so watch this space.  I suspect there'll be more rain so I'll get another chance to play with reflections.

In today's image you can just see a bit of the puddle in the upper left hand side of the image.  Anyway, whilst grovelling about on the floor trying to get some nice reflections I noticed the seeds from the liquid amber tree and decided to take a shot of this instead.  It seemed a great opportunity to play with a shallow depth of field again, so quite a wide aperture was selected to isolate the seed pod from its surroundings.  You'll get a pretty good idea of the depth of field by looking at the concrete near the seed pod.  There's not a lot in focus.

Hand held, 50mm, f2.8, 1/2000, ISO 200

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  1. I'm thinking you could use some of this material as a teaching resource. All the theory behind DoF falls into place watching this.