What is 505050?

The idea is to use a 50mm lens to take one shot a day for 50 consecutive days. The images posted will be unmodified ... well, I'll convert them from RAW into JPEG, but that's all. Some images may benefit for a bit of a twiddle and they will appear either on my flickr pages or my blog. Have fun looking over my attempts and please make comments and offer encouragement to complete the 50 day project.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


A day of celebrations for many people both young and old around the world today.  Easter Sunday.  For some it's the time to remember the sacrifice of their Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  For others is a time to celebrate chocolate in the form of eggs, bunnies or anything else for that matter!

Today's shot is of some eggs.  A tradition in our household is to hide eggs in the garden for the children to find ... and then celebrate by eating them.  Well, perhaps not all of them, but certainly a large number of them!  This year we went for smaller eggs, but more of them.  Turned out to be a challenge for the chidren to find them and me to remember where I'd hidden them.

I placed the cylinder of eggs on the dining room table and looked down from above setting the wood grain at what I considered a pleasant diagonal.  Aperture set quite low to keep focus on the eggs.

Hand held, 50mm, f2.8, 1/80sec ISO 200

Happy Easter!

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