What is 505050?

The idea is to use a 50mm lens to take one shot a day for 50 consecutive days. The images posted will be unmodified ... well, I'll convert them from RAW into JPEG, but that's all. Some images may benefit for a bit of a twiddle and they will appear either on my flickr pages or my blog. Have fun looking over my attempts and please make comments and offer encouragement to complete the 50 day project.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Shot #34

Tidying up the workshop today and getting ready for winter.  Tonight summertime officially ends and we move the clocks back an hour.  The nights are drawing in, the mornings are dark and it won't be long before things start to feel rather cooler than they do right now.

We heat the house with a wood burner.  The wood was bought and stacked some time ago, but today's shot of the firewood seemed appropriate as a reminder of the changing seasons.

The wood has a lovely "warm" colouration to it and I wanted this to be seen in the final shot.  I used an incandescent bulb to illuminate the firewood and overexposed by one stop to make the scene just a little brighter.  I tried a speedlight, but the light from this just seemed too harsh.  The more mellow incandescent
bulb seemed more pleasing to me.  Let me know what you think.

Tripod mounted camera, 50mm lens, f8, 2.5 seconds, ISO 200 and auto white balance.

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  1. Tack sharp photo, Chris. Nice color. Congrats on successful conclusion to your 50/50 project.